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We offer a turnkey solution for IoT products. We help companies from idea to manufacturing, out of our own factory in China.



Helping with supply chain

Supply chain

Helping with supply chain


Helping with supply chain


Helping with supply chain

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Case studies

Water made from air

Karawater is an American company selling an air to water machine. LeWorks worked with the R&D and then the manufacturing of these machines, to ship globally.

Smart weather station

Pessl is an Austrian agriculture technology company. LeWorks helped adjusting their products to the new supply chain, and setup manufacturing.

Mobile locker

Always Present is a German product company developing a locker for mobile phones, for families to reduce the use of phones. LeWorks is helping with the R&D and manufacturing.

How AI is changing manufacturing

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"Our goal is to become the leading IoT manufacturer by the end of the 2020s."

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